Insect Killer Lamp, Zapper Mosquitos, Bug Trapper - Dayang
Insect Killer Lamp, Zapper Mosquitos, Bug Trapper - Dayang
Insect Killer Lamp, Zapper Mosquitos, Bug Trapper - Dayang
Insect Killer Lamp, Zapper Mosquitos, Bug Trapper - Dayang

DYT-06 Indoor Bug Zapper, Effective Mosquito Zappers Killer for Home Electric Insect Fly Pest Attractant Trap with Safety Light

Factory-made DYT-06 Indoor Bug Zapper: Powerful mosquito killer and insect trap with safety light. Effective pest control solution for your home!


Shop the AB04-C PREVENTION NATURAL PET CAT DOG Anti Flea and Tick Collar for effective flea and tick prevention. Buy directly from our factory. Made with natural ingredients. Keep your pet protected!

TW08 100% Natural Essence Oil Deet Free Anti Mosquito Safe For Kids Pest Control Carton Rolling Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Choose TW08 100% Natural Essential Oil Deet-Free Anti Mosquito Bracelet for Kids! Our factory produces safe and effective pest control products. Say goodbye to irritating mosquito bites!


Get the AB04-B Cheap Safety Pet and Waterproof Anti Flea & Tick Pet's Collar from our factory. Perfect for protecting your pets. Shop now!

AMB115-Multi color EVA Polyethen 100% natural essence oil one size fit all waterproof Double colored mosquito repellent band

Shop the AMB115-Multi color mosquito repellent band at our factory. Made with 100% natural essence oil, it's waterproof and fits all sizes. Stay protected from mosquitoes!

3-in-1 power supply ultrasonic vehicle mousetrap DY-AR28

Get the powerful and effective DY-AR28 3-in-1 Power Supply Ultrasonic Vehicle Mousetrap from our factory. Keep your vehicle rodent-free with ease. Order now!

Animal Repeller Outdoor, Deer Deterrent with Red Lights, Waterproof Wild Nocturnal Animals Dog Repellent for Predator, Chicken Coop, Cat, Skunk, Wolf, Deer, Coyote, Fox, Raccoon DY-AR17

Shop the Animal Repeller Outdoor, a waterproof predator deterrent designed to protect your outdoor space. We are a factory offering quality products.

Fly Fans for Tables, Chemical-Free Bug Fans with Soft Blades, Keep Flies Bugs Away, Portable Table Fans for Flies DY-FR01

Introducing DY-FR01, the ultimate Fly Fans for Tables! Keep bugs away with our chemical-free, portable and soft-blade fans. We are a factory specialized in producing high-quality products. Get yours now!

DYT-16--Electric Suction Fan Indoor Mosquito Trap, Mosquito Killer Lamp with USB Power Supply With Timing Function No Zapper, Child Safe

Looking for an effective mosquito trap? Our DYT-16 Electric Suction Fan Indoor Mosquito Trap with USB Power Supply is child safe and features a timing function. Buy directly from our factory!

AMB107-C-Chick,pig,panda, monkey EVA polyethen citronella 15 days Kids' popular mosquito repellent clip with cartoon design refill

Introducing high-quality AMB107-C Kids' mosquito repellent clip with attractive cartoon design refill. We are a factory specializing in EVA polyethene citronella products.

DYT-05--Bug Zapper Indoor Electric, Fly Zapper Mosquito Zapper Electronic Insect Killer

Buy the DYT-05 Bug Zapper Indoor Electric, the perfect mosquito zapper to eliminate pesky insects. As a factory, we offer exceptional quality and effective electronic insect killer.

DYT-Y10 LED Camping Lantern Bug Zapper 2 in 1,Tripod Tent Light with Hook Portable Indoor Outdoor Mosquito Killer Fly Zappers Waterproof Compact UV Insect Trap Lamp

Shop the DYT-Y10 LED Camping Lantern Bug Zapper 2 in 1 from our factory. This portable and waterproof UV insect trap doubles as a tent light. Say goodbye to mosquitoes and enjoy outdoor activities hassle-free!

DYT-Y8S Multifunction 6w Outdoor 2 In1 Rechargeable Killing Mosquito Killer Torch Lamp

Looking for a multifunctional outdoor mosquito killer torch lamp? Check out our DYT-Y8S, a 2-in-1 rechargeable device. We are a factory offering top-quality products.

Ultrasonic Sonic Repellent, Vole Snake Gopher Deterrent Spikes for Lawn Garden, Outdoor Yard Groundhog Chipmunk Repeller DY-068

DY-068 Ultrasonic Sonic Repellent - Factory direct Vole Snake Gopher Deterrent Spikes for Garden. Keep outdoor areas chipmunk and groundhog-free! Protect your lawn now.

KV-105 Mosquito Repellent Bracelet DEET-Free Insect Repellent Band Safe for Kids and Adults Bug Repellent Wristband for Indoor and Outdoor

Looking for an effective and safe mosquito repellent? Try our KV-105 Mosquito Repellent Bracelet. DEET-free and suitable for kids and adults. Made in our factory. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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Introducing the ultimate solution to bothersome bugs and flying pests – the Electric Bug Swatter! Say goodbye to the annoyance of mosquitoes, flies, and other pesky insects invading your space. This innovative and portable device will serve as your trusty companion in keeping your surroundings bug-free and comfortable. The Electric Bug Swatter harnesses the power of electricity to effectively eliminate flying insects with a single swing. Equipped with a high-voltage grid, it delivers a quick and painless zap to the insects, instantly neutralizing them. No more chasing after bugs with hazardous chemicals or struggling with traditional fly swatters. Designed with convenience and safety in mind, our Bug Swatter features a lightweight yet durable construction, making it easy to use for all ages. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to swiftly and accurately target any unwanted pests. Its compact size also makes it a perfect travel companion, providing protection from bugs wherever you go. Furthermore, our Electric Bug Swatter boasts a detachable collection tray, making it effortless to dispose of the terminated insects. Simply detach the tray, empty it, and you're ready for another go. No mess, no hassle. Whether you're relaxing in your backyard, having a picnic, or camping in the wilderness, the Electric Bug Swatter is the ultimate weapon against flying nuisances. Don't let bugs ruin your enjoyment – take control of your environment and enjoy a bug-free zone with the Electric Bug Swatter. Say adios to bug bites and reclaim your space today!

The Electric Bug Swatter is a great addition to any home or camping trip. This ingenious device combines convenience with effective bug elimination. With a simple swing, you can instantly zap pesky bugs, ensuring a bug-free environment. The Electric Bug Swatter is easy to use, lightweight, and features a comfortable grip for precise targeting. The device is powered by two AA batteries, providing long-lasting usage. Whether you're dealing with mosquitoes, flies, or other annoying insects, this bug swatter is a must-have tool. Its compact design makes it portable and convenient to carry around. Say goodbye to buzzing bugs with the Electric Bug Swatter!

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